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Acrypol Coatings ltd develops and produces  coatings for all application areas: interior and exterior joinery, furniture, flooring, baths, kitchens and more . The prime concern in our product development is to meet the changing needs of customers, with environmental issues and product safety in mind.


Our mission is to create new products as well as improve existing ones and to adapt them to meet the demands of new applications.


Our focus is the success of our customers. We provide them with high-quality products and services at a good price. Our products meet high health, safety and environmental standards.


The major change that has taken place in the coatings industry during the last twenty years has been the adoption of new coating technologies. Until the early 1980s, most of the coatings were conventional low-solids, solvent-based formulations. In the late 1980s, however, impending government regulations on air pollution control focusing on industrial coating operations stimulated the development of low-solvent and solvent less coatings that could reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Through the next five years, air pollution regulations will continue to be a driving force behind the adoption of new coating technologies. Despite the relatively slow growth in demand anticipated for coatings overall, waterborne and high-solids coatings, UV curable and two-component water –based systems appear to have good growth prospects. If you think to make a switch – ask us. Our experts will help you.